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In 2014, we as the Faculty of Transportation and Logistics of the Istanbul University have under signed an accreditation agreement with the International Road Transport Union (IRU), which will entitle all of our undergraduates to the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in addition to their bachelor’s degree.

In virtue of this certificate honored by the IRU, the place of the faculty students in the sector will be strengthened, especially in such companies which operate in the logistics sector and are defined as road transport operators; planning and organising the transport of all kinds of goods and performing transportation applications.

IRU (International Road Transport Union):

The IRU, namely International Road Transport Union, is a union founded in the capital of Switzerland, Geneva on March 23th, 1948 by the UNECE (United Economic Commission for Europe). The institution that aims to defend the interests of road transport operators in particular also has the main objective of ensuring economic growth within a sustainable mobility of people and goods and providing prosperity. Non-governmental organisations and unions founded in different countries which are directing processes concerned with international trade and transportation related to road transportation, are also present amongst the members. 


The Erasmus+ Program is one designated by the European Union to have higher education institutions cooperate, develop and bring to life common projects, exchange students, academicians and personnel over a short period of time and one that is adequately funded unconditionally. More than 2 million higher education students have benefited from the Erasmus+ program since 1987. Istanbul University has a total of 567 agreements with the European Union countries. The School of Transportation and Logistics have 9 agreements with creditable institutions from Germany, Holland, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovenia.

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University Name Country Student Mobility Total number of  months Staff  Mobility Total number of days
Kühne Logistics University Germany 4 15 1 5
University of Zilina Slovakia 3 18 1 5
Czech Technical University Czech Republic 2 20 1 5
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Holland 3 15 1 5
University Institute of Lisbon Portugal 1 9 1 5
University of Maribor Slovenia 4 20 1 5
Warsaw University of Technology Polond 2 6 1 5
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Lithuania 3 6 1 8
University North Croatia 3 18 1 5
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