The mission of Istanbul University School of Transportation and Logistics is, in high-profile cooperation with stakeholders, to organize modern and participatory education programs focusing on the practice as well as the academic side of the issue, focusing on meeting the needs of the transportation and logistics industry; training students who are technologically and professionally qualified, equipped with an abundance of up to date knowledge, who can communicate with skills and social awareness in an international setting, who have a well-developed sense of analytical thought, who support team spirit and solidarity, who are open-minded towards professional and personal development, who are participatory, dynamic and respectful of professional ethics, and the consciousness of the society; producing knowledge through strategic and practicable scientific research and studies in the field; and leading social development by encouraging, enterprising, and international culture of management, and providing sustainable, innovative, responsible and utilitarian solutions to the world and the country, which is becoming a hub as its location dictates.

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School of Transportation and Logistics

Istanbul University

34320 Avcilar / Istanbul / TURKEY