Dean’s Message

Dear Students, Welcome to the Istanbul University School of Transportation and Logistics (STL), the first and only logistics faculty in Turkey!

The STL which provides a unique education in international transportation and logistics at the highest academic standards is recognized across Europe as well as in Turkey. The STL offers an undergraduate degree in transportation and logistics, while the two-year Masters of Arts program allows students to earn a master’s degree in Transportation and Logistics Management. As globalization, technology and new economy establish an international trade platform where competition becomes fiercer, the possession of a logistics service that provides fast and effective flow of goods and materials across countries has been a source of competitive advantage for firms. These developments in the markets create a strong demand for a high quality transportation and logistics education in global perspective. New ideas, new products and new markets demand new insights, tools and responses. The STL now has one unified faculty as a global hub for transportation and logistics education in our region.

STL’s courses meet the needs of logistics students who are in the different stages of their careers: from new graduates and early career professionals, and burgeoning entrepreneurs, to those taking the next step to lead organizations. Our experimental-learning mode enables the students to unify their skills and broaden their horizons not only to create real value but also to become key decision makers in their prospective organizations. This is why the rooted history, networking opportunities and career support services are an integral and carefully crafted part of the STL experience.

Your education in the STL is much more than your prospective job or aspirations. A wide range of core and elective subjects means that you can test and develop new talents and areas of expertise whilst you explore related areas in depth. Our undergraduate and graduate programs in the STL has many avantgarde subjects such as sustainable and green logistics, energy logistics, medical logistics, humanitarian logistics and social media marketing beyond our core subjects like maritime, road, air and railway transportation. Since our departments have an international prospect and fields of activity, the STL attaches great importance to foreign language courses such as sectoral English, Russian and Chinese.

Logistics education experience at the STL is completely paralleled and designed to prepare future senior logistics leaders. As our student, you will have access to enriching opportunities to complement your degree including academic advising, summer internship projects, study abroad options in partnership schools, career-day opportunities along with physical and cultural facilities. In addition to these, the collaboration with industry is strong enough to establish professional networks. The STL has strong links with International Transporters Association (UND) and Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Provider (UTIKAD) that are the largest non-governmental organizations of Turkey in the transportation and logistics industry. Furthermore, STL is the first school in region which has been accredited by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). As another significant attainment, the education in the STL will enable the students to obtain an internationally recognized IRU Academy Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) Diploma in addition to their original bachelor degrees. Therefore, our professionally competent graduates will find ample working opportunities in seventy-five IRU member countries including the EU countries, USA, Canada and China.

Abdullah OKUMUŞ, Ph.D
Professor of Marketing

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School of Transportation and Logistics

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