Kühne Logistics University invites to the first “Boot Camp: Digitalization in Logistics” – A Workshop for Bachelor Students

Kühne Logistics University

A day doesn’t go by without the launch of a new technical logistics solution. With smart devices, location and inventory data can be recorded and forwarded in real time. Progress in robotics is enabling unheard of levels of warehouse automation and in the near future big data support companies as they guide trucks through traffic, making sure they arrive at customers’ doors when they are on the premises. Everyone has great expectations of the development and impact of the technologies that are key for the “Supply Chain 4.0.”

Three professors at KLU – Kühne Logistics University invite students from all around the word to address these hot topics in a 3-day workshop. The “Digitalization in Logistics” boot camp is being held from April 5-7, 2017 on the KLU campus in the heart of HafenCity in Hamburg, Germany.

Three top companies from the sector will explain how they leverage the new technologies. In a balanced mix of lectures, presentations, case studies, group work, and discussions, the boot camp participants will tackle important issues such as: What process optimization potential do the new technologies have? Where can new technologies be used to boost flexibility? How do we capture and analyze data to benefit supply chains? How can customers benefit from the new technologies?

The workshop content is initiated and supported by Asvin Goel, Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Dimka Karastoyanova, Associate Professor of Data Science and Business Intelligence und André Ludwig, Associate Professor of Computer Science in Logistics. At KLU their research focuses on how digital transformation effects transportation, global logistics and supply chain management.

The free 3-day workshop is targeted to interested bachelor students with business administration backgrounds. Application is open until 17 March 2017. Applicants will receive confirmation of participation by 24 March 2017. The language of instruction is English. All participants will receive a certificate. The boot camp is free of charge.

Students can apply for the workshop at www.the-klu.org/bootcamp

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